January 5, 2017


General Questions

Logistics before/after the race

What’s the nearest airport I can fly into for the race?
Whitehorse International is the closest airport. It’s about 10 minutes from downtown and the race start.

Where are the start/finish and relay exchange?
The 50 Mile Ultra and Relay both start and finish at the Mt McIntyre Recreational Centre. It is a 5 minute drive from downtown. The relay exchange is at Jackson Lake (Louise lake) accessible from the Jackson lake road off the  Fish lake road.

How do I get to the start and back from the finish? Are there shuttles?
You will need to provide your own transportation from where you stay overnight to the race start and back. Public transportation and taxis will both do the trick. There are also several local rental car agencies.

Where can I park?
Parking is available at Mt McIntyre Recreational Centre. An overflow is available at the “Dog Trail” parking lot which is a 10 min walk to the Mt McIntyre Recreational Centre.

How do I get back to my car after the race? Are there shuttles?
The race start and finish are at the same location so you will end your run back at your car if you enter the 50 mile ultra distance. For relay participants, we will have a shuttle leaving Mt McIntyre Recreational Centre at 8 am on race day to reach the relay exchange. There will also be a shuttle service to bring back leg 1 relay participants from the relay exchange to Mt McIntyre Recreational Centre.

Are there shower and bathroom facilities near by the start/finish?
Both are available at Mt McIntyre Recreational Centre. There’s also a sauna and lockers.

Will there be massage and physio services available at the finish?
Yes. We will have therapists available for all the racers.

Is there anything happening at the finish line?
Yes, we will have food available for free for each racer (it’s going to be good!), with friends/family able to buy food tickets for $15 per person from the website. We cannot guarantee that tickets will be available on race day. There will also be a beer garden and live music.


Can I defer my race entry to next year or get a refund?
No, you cannot defer your entry and you will not receive a refund of your entry fees if you cannot race.

Can I sign up now for the relay if I don’t have a partner yet?
You can sign up but it will be up to you to find a teammate. You can announce on our facebook page that you’re looking for a partner. There is an option to find a buddy by advertising on our facebook page.

Can I pass on my registration to someone else?
No you cannot, your registration is yours. A substitution for a relay team is possible by emailing us to make special arrangements.

Cut Off Times

What are the cut off times, and where are the cut-offs?
There is only one cut-off time at the mid-point checkpoint (Jackson Lake) – and one at the finish, of course. The cut-off for thecheckpoint (Jackson Lake) is 2 pm. The finish will close at 9 pm.

What happens if I miss the cut-off time?
You are cut off… Time cut-offs are strictly enforced. If you miss a time cut-off, we’ll provide you a ride back to our finish line (and some sympathy). You can continue to run the course but it will be at your own risk and no support will be provided. We’ll ask you to give your bib number to the checkpoint attendant and sign a discharge form.

Race Package

Where do I pick up my bib?
The only bib pick up is on June 30th at Mt Mac Recreation Centre between 3 and 5 pm, before the pre-race meeting (scheduled at 5 pm).

Can a friend pick up my bib for me?
No. Bibs can only be claimed by the runner and ID MUST BE PROVIDED. No ID, no bib. No bib, no race. The pre-race meeting will provide participants with important information and we don’t want you to miss it.

Is there a pre-race meeting?
Yes. There will be a MANDATORY pre-race meeting at the Mt McIntyre Recreational Centre on June 30, 2018 at 5:00 pm.

What do I need to do at the start line?
There is a MANDATORY sign in and mandatory gear check (details re: mandatory gear are included in the Rules) at the start line between 5 and 5:30 am. There is also a pre-race briefing at 5:45 am.

Drop Bags

How many drop bags can I have?
Racers who run the 50 Mile Ultra course are allowed one (1) drop bag to be deposited at the mid-point Checkpoint (Jackson Lake).

Where do I put my drop bags?
You must drop off your drop bags at the pre-race briefing before the race starts. You’ll get a Reckless Raven spike bag as part of your race kit, and we suggest you chose to use this as your drop bag. We will help you clearly label it with your name and bib number prior to you dropping it off in the morning. Otherwise, we won’t take it.

Where and when can I pick up my drop bags post-race?
Drop bags will be transported to the finish line. They will return with the last checkpoint  shuttle and will be waiting for you at the finish. All unclaimed drop bags will be donated (unless they’re really stinky). We will not ship out individual drop bags that go unclaimed. You may have a friend pick up your drop bag in your absence.

Is there a mandatory gear list?
Yes, there is. A pre-race gear check will be performed between 5 and 5:30 am before the race starts. If you don’t have the required gear, you won’t be able to start the race. The mandatory list is provided in the Rules.

Help from Crew

Where can I be crewed?
The only location for crewing is the checkpoint  (Jackson Lake).

How far from an aid station can I get help from my crew?
Runners can only receive assistance right at the checkpoint (Jackson Lake).

Race Specifics

What time does my race start?
Race start for 50 Mile Ultra runners and relay teams is 6 a.m.
Mandatory gear check: 5:00-5:30 am
Mandatory Race Briefing: 5:45 am

Is there first aid on course? Where?
On course first aid will be available at the checkpoint (Jackson Lake). If you need medical assistance during the race please ask the nearest volunteer and they will direct you accordingly. If you are unable to proceed under your own power please ask the first runner to notify race volunteers at the nearest aid station or checkpoint.

What is available at aid stations and checkpoints?
Aid stations will have water jugs to fill your water bottles, and a limited selection of food (bananas, pretzels or chips, cookies, and Vector bars). Some aid stations will also have Tailwind energy drink. A volunteer will be at each aid station to get your bib number and assist you with directions or other questions. The checkpoint at Jackson Lake will have water, Tailwind energy drink, and food (bananas, pretzels or chips, cookies, Vector bars, oranges, raisins, and bread or bagels with peanut butter), as well as volunteers trained in first aid. There will be no cups at aid stations or the checkpoint – be ready to stop and refill your bottle! Solo runners, remember you can also stash food in your drop bag, which you can access at the Jackson Lake checkpoint.

What happens if I get lost?
It is highly unlikely that you will get lost because the course is going to be very well flagged. If you think you may have gone off course, please stop immediately, turn around, and return to the last place that you saw flagging. Try again (in a different direction).

Can I use poles?
Yes, poles are allowed.

Is there chip timing?
Yes – you will be given a timing stick at the pre race meeting. Please dip your stick at each aid station/checkpoint. Believe us, you’ll feel good every time you dip it. Plus, you’ll  avoid being disqualified and we’ll have a better idea of where you are on course in case of an emergency.

Can I run with my dog?
Dogs are not allowed on course under any circumstances. Just in case you did not catch this: there are absolutely, positively NO dogs allowed and bringing a dog will lead to disqualification.

Are pacers allowed?
Pacers are not allowed under any circumstances. See dogs.

Race Environment

What type of weather should I expect?
The Yukon in July is rather warm and sunny, but precipitation is not rare. It might even snow (but we hope it won’t). You will run through alpine terrain where cold temperatures and high winds can be expected, even in summer. Consider that hypothermia can be a threat even at that time of the year. The mandatory gear list will help you prepare.

Will I get my feet wet? What are the conditions out there?
Yes, there are a creek crossings and you will get wet feet. Enjoy it!

Can I run with music/headphones?
We do not allow headphones for your own and other racer’s safety. Dangers include wildlife encounters and high speed multi-use traffic such as mountain bikers. We require you to stay alert to your surroundings.

What about animals? I’m really nervous about bear encounters. If I have to run at night can someone run with me?
This is bear country. We will provide a brief overview about bear encounters at the pre-race meeting. Being alert is important, so that’s why we do not allow headphones. However, you will not be running at night – we’ve designed the race timing to have you running during the daytime only. Chances are good that you will not see a bear, but there is never a guarantee. We encourage participants to bring bear spray. For more information, consult http://www.env.gov.yk.ca/environment-you/bearsafety.php.

Other important Stuff

How do we post results – when and where?
Results will be posted at the finish line for all categories of both the ultra and relay events. Results will also be posted on this website as soon as we’ve got them finalized.

Can I follow a racer online?
Unfortunately we are not set up for online tracking at this time.

Is there beer at the finish?
Haha … You bet! And some delicious food.

Solo Racing Questions

Does this race fill up quickly for solo runners? Should I Register ASAP? Can I see how my training is doing and register by the end of May?
There are only 50 spots reserved for solo runners. It is best to sign up as early as possible to get in.

What are the prerequisites to enter the solo 50 Mile Ultra event?
This is a tough course with a lot of elevation change and it should not be your first ultramarathon.

Team Racing Questions

Do both team members need to attend the meeting and briefing?
Both team members must be present at the mandatory pre-race meeting on June 30 at 5 pm at the Mt McIntyre Recreational Centre. All team members must have their gear checked on race day between 5 and 5:30 am, and attend the pre-race briefing at 5:45 am. No exceptions.

When do you need to have my waiver?
Waivers are part of the online registration. Both runners must complete one. No waiver, no registration.

Where is the relay exchange?
The relay exchange will be at Checkpoint 6 at Jackson Lake.

How do I get to the relay exchange?
We will provide a shuttle service leaving the Mt McIntyre Recreational Centre at 8 am on race day to go to Checkpoint 6 (Jackson Lake). We encourage you to take the shuttle because parking is very limited at Checkpoint 6.

What do I do when I finish Leg 1?
We will have a shuttle service available to bring back racers to Mt McIntyre Recreational Centre.

Can I run with my teammate on their leg?
No. This would be consider pacing and would result in disqualification of the team.

What if my team member cannot make it, could I just run my leg?
Yes but the team will be disqualified.


For additional questions, please email us at recklessraven50@gmail.com. We’ll update the FAQs as new questions come in, and we’ll update you by email with any new information.