January 10, 2017

Course Map


Click here for the map and elevation.

Aid Stations and Checkpoints

1: Mt McIntyre Recreational Centre (Mile 0) Start
2: Raven’s Ridge (Mile 6.7) Aid Station #1
3: Bottom of Haeckle Hill (Mile 9.0) Aid Station #2
4: Top of Haeckle Hill (Mile 12.2) Aid Station #3
5: Down Sumanik ridge (Mile 20.9) Aid Station#4
6: Jackson Lake (Mile 24.2) Checkpoint

Relay Exchange

Time cut-off

7: Sunshine Valley Ranch (Mile 26.7) Aid Station #5
8: Fish Lake (Mile 34.7) Aid Station #6
9: Mt McIntyre road (Mile 38.9) Aid Station #7
10: Copper Haul Road (Mile 44.0) Aid Station #8
11: Mt McIntyre Recreational Centre (Mile 50.0) Finish Line – showers and beer!

Time cut-off

All aid stations will have water, chips, pretzels, cookies, orange and banana edges, Vector bars. Some aid stations will have an energy drink.

The Checkpoint will have the same as the aid station plus bread and peanut butter and dried raisins.